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Her Predictions have achieved unparalleled success worldwide. In a short time, She has established herself as the master of the Indian system of Astrology and is constantly in demand by clients all over the world. Her reputation has been enhanced by the various accurate predictions and forecasts made by her over the years. She is involved in a continuing and comprehensive study of the similarities and differences between the Vedic and Western forms of Astrology - how they sometimes result in similar forecasts for a single individual.


Do Gemstones Really  Work ?

A question which would have come to the mind of most of us at one point or the other. Even during astrological consultations many of my clients ask me the same thing. Well, the answer to it is – Yes and No.

Like medical science, the success of gemstone therapy too depends on how properly and correctly it’s implemented. If you’re new to the world of gemstones and want to be benefited through the amazing science of astro-gemology, the following points can be quite helpful for you. It’s not an exhaustive list but contains pretty vital information.

1. Correct Recommendation: In Vedic Astrology, there are 9 planets and there’s one gemstone for each of them. As per your horoscope some planets are your friends (benefics) while others aren’t (malefics). It is advisable to wear gem of your benefic planets only; else it may do more harm than good.

One should avoid wearing gemstone(s) as per his/her Rashi (Moon Sign), Dasha (Time Period) and other generalised parameters. Always consult a learned Astro-Gemologist or Astrologer for this purpose. Based on the planetary positions in your chart, he will also be able to suggest the best sequence to wear the gems in case more than one suits you.

2. Ratti/Weight: Whenever during consultation I recommend my client to wear a gemstone, most of the times the immediate question I’m asked is “How many rattis would be fine for me?”. Firstly, ratti is not the standard unit; carat is. So till date if you’ve been buying gems in rattis, it’s better to switch to carats to avoid being cheated (at least w.r.t. weight). Secondly, weight of the gem is not the only factor which determines its power. There are other important parameters as well like colour, clarity and cut. They too should be considered.

3. Treatment and Man-Made Gems: All that glitters is not gold. And all coloured stones are not astrological gems. The two statements are equally true. Synthetic, or in other words lab-manufactured gems may look similar to natural gems but they have no astrological significance. Also, nowadays there is a widespread malpractice of applying “treatment” to the natural gems to enhance their clarity and looks. This too reduces or nullifies the gem’s power and renders it useless for astrological use.

Always go for natural and untreated gems. Certificate from a reputed lab like GIA or GII should help ascertain this.

4. Test and Wear Approach: Many astrologers suggest their clients to test a gemstone before wearing it to confirm if it suits the individual. The methodology is found to be followed especially in case of Blue Sapphire (Neelam). This should be avoided at all costs unless you’re planning to put yourself at risk. A real gem has the capacity to do significant damage even during testing if it doesn’t suit you. The approach is suggested by astrologers who either don’t have sufficient astrological knowledge or are not confident of their skill. Your horoscope contains all the information required to determine which gems suit you (without any testing). The only thing you need to do is – consult the right astrologer.

5. Consecration: Last but not the least – it’s very important that your gem should be consecrated (Hindi term – abhimantrit) in your name and birth nakshatra. It increases the blessings of the gem for you noteworthily.

Best, Famous & Top Astrologer Bangalore
Bengaluru or Bangalore, as it was previously known is a brimming hub of the latest in culture, technology etc. The garden city has a reputation for its wide open green spaces as well as the high-tech life that the city dwellers lead. Of course, there is also the charming coming together of history and modernity, an example of which is how effortlessly it ties together Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace to its vibrant nightlife.

The people of Bangalore are immensely proud of their city and its diverse culture. It is, after all one of the few cities which has so beautifully accommodated multiple cultures. But, even in such a breathtakingly beautiful city, people have issues and problems which they cannot solve with mere hard work.

This is where one has to resort to other methods including seeking help from professionals. Matters which cannot be solved even with continuous efforts, matters of destiny cannot be prevented. However, these can be foreseen. This is where one requires an astrologer in Bangalore!

Astrology services in Bangalore

While there are a number of astrologers in the city, it is quite difficult to distinguish between the reputed and the frauds. There are only a few noted astrologers in Bangalore, one of whom is Damodaram rama chandran 

With his extensive research in the field of astrology and a dedicated approach to the science of astrology, it is no wonder that he has been able to deliver results for his patrons. Shri Damodaram C believes that an individual’s problems like that of marital discord, property disputes, illness and other such issues can be solved through astrology. 

It is due to this committed belief that many have come to him seeking answers and solutions. Not only has he garnered the attention of millions of clients in Bangalore and across the world, but been successful in providing them relief from what had been troubling them.
Why choose Our Astrology Service?

Even if you do not believe in astrology, one has to accept that there are certain things in the world which just cannot be willed or controlled by us. This is where some of our issues in life find their base. In order to effectively to solve these problems, one should avail services of astrologers as reputed as Astrologer.

Rest assured that he will employ his years of experience and his inherent talent to ensure that you live a life of peace and harmony.

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